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Accounting and Business area

  • Accounting
  • Accounting for business combinations
  • Accounting history
  • Audit
  • Bank financial reporting
  • Business network management
  • Business strategy
  • Cost management
  • Management accounting
  • Management control
  • Non profit organizations
  • Performance measurement systems
  • Public sector accounting
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategie competitive d'impresa
  • Marketing internazionale
  • Retail marketing
  • Tourism management
  • Innovation management
  • Organizzazione e modelli di apprendimento organizzativo
  • Behavioral finance
  • Corporate governance and corporate finance 
  • Hedge funds
  • Risk management
  • Wealth management

Economics area


  • Theoretical and empirical demand analysis and modelling choice .
  • Analysis of regulated markets, welfare and public economics, public finance, health economics .
  • Energy and Environmental Economics, Sustainable development strategies.
  • Labor markets and policies, crisis and youth unemployment, crisis in the peripherical Eurozone.
  • Economics of transition; Economic development and globalization; Economic integration of the European Union;
  • Development Economics and Credit Markets, Financial Inclusion, Microfinance and Poverty.
  • Macroeconomic policies, Banking and EMU, Unobserved economy.
  • Analysis of firm strategies, productivity, innovation and technological change and internationalization.
  • Analysis of the functional and personal income inequality, New institutional economics.
  • Public Economics and Public Finance.
  • Health Economics.
  • History of banks and banking, industrial and business history, industrial cinema.


Area Giuridica

Mathematics area


  • Interest rate modeling;
  • Volatility modeling and estimation; Derivative pricing;
  • Derivative pricing and model estimation via Fourier methods;
  • Interest rate derivatives;
  • Hedging strategies in incomplete markets;
  • Risk measures; Market liquidity;
  • Dynamic portfolio management;
  • Socially responsible investments.


Statistic area


  • Analysis of risk and survival analysis in business, economics and medicine
  • Graphical Markov Models with latent variables (with application to Credit Scoring; Measuring the Probability of Default of Small and Medium Enterprises; Corporate Social Responsibility; Epidemiology; Health and Social science)
  • Hidden Markov models for longitudinal data and time-series
  • Inventories, Short Run Dynamics and Forecasts on Commodity Markets
  • Item Response Theory, Longitudinal and multilevel models, Latent class models
  • Mixture models, Statistical learning, Genetic algorithms



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